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Bunnies Kingdom Cooking Game

Description of Bunnies Kingdom Cooking Game game:
Look at the list, drag necessary ingredients into the mixing bowl and click Done when complete!

Use mouse to interact.


Tom Cruise

Description of Tom Cruise’s Kissing History game:
Level 1 Use mouse to interact. It is the very early stage related to Tom Cruise’s Kissing History. Tom Cruise arrives at an award function with his wife Mimi Rogers. Make him to kiss Mimi Rogers without getting noticed by others. As the kissing bar gets f
This game is played with mouse only.

How to Make French Bread Pizza

Description of How to Make French Bread Pizza game:
Learn how to make a fusion of two cuisine.

Use mouse to interact.

Warped Tour Massacre

Description of Warped Tour Massacre game:
Fight to death between rockers. Blood, martial arts and a gloomy scene.

Left / Right Arrow – Move.
Up Arrow Key – Jump.
Down Arrow Key – Duck.
A, S, D – Attack.
Spacebar – Block.

Chicken Little Galactic Traveler

Description of Chicken Little Galactic Traveler game:
Help Chicken Little collect the panels A. when you have collected all of them, land on the platform to advance to the next level. Collect the panels in the proper order described at the bottom of the screen. But watch out, if chicken little’s spaceship ru
Left / Right Arrow Keys – Rotate.
Up Arrow Key – Move Forward.

Darkness Springs - Haunted Prison Colony

Description of Darkness Springs – Haunted Prison Colony game:
Click around the world to move and go on side missions as you the fight skeleton armies.

Use mouse to interact.
See instruction in the game.

Navy Girl Dress Up

Description of Navy Girl Dress Up game:
Navy outfits can be classy too! Dress up this navy girl and find out yourself.

Use Mouse to interact.

Ammo Ambush 2

Description of Ammo Ambush 2 game:
Infiltrate enemy base using your sniper riffle!

Arrow Keys – Movement Down Arrow Key – Snipe Mouse – Aim Left Mouse – Shoot

Cheak Dress Up

Description of Cheak Dress Up game:
Hey girls! Check out this fancy dressup title ‘cheek dress up’. Glamor, exclusive and fashionable clothes for free! Try it out , wear it out , and change all about… you can do it all in this small, yet cool, dress up title. Use the mouse cursor to play.
Use mouse to interact.

Fatal Puzzle

Description of Fatal Puzzle game:
You are a bounty hunter, and chase criminals. Your goal is to annihilate the gangsters.

You drive the hunter with the help of arrow keys and space bar. Use the arrow keys to move the chaser and to perform various actions over the subjects: use left or right arrow to push, throw and switch; use up or down to pick up and to put down, use space bar in other cases. The higher level is, the quicker the action is performed. Good luck in chasing the gangsters.